Adjustable Flywheel Hood

Our team uses a single fly wheel with four motors and our compression is tuned to shoot from up close, but we noticed that we can get a different range by adjusting the arc length of our compression (the back plate the sandwiches the ball with the flywheel). We are considering adding an active hood such as this one that would allow us to adjust between full field, midfield, and short range shots. Has anyone had any experience with this, and if so what are some observations you made?

I have not used one but i do believe that simply using a velocity control is simpler and requires no additional motors.

Simply adjusting the motor power on your flywheel for different spots on the court should be sufficient. Then you just have to find the backplate angle that works best for all locations. It will probably be a bit of the compromise, depending on how you feed your flywheel.
Or you could adjust the target velocity for a velocity control loop.
Although if your not afraid to use another motor, then go for the adjuster, I haven’t really seen it done properly yet, and it would allow for very smooth firing distance transitions.

depending on your flywheel position, you should be able to get a bar shot and a full court shot using a 54-60 degree angle. You just use velocity control past that. Are you using pneumatics?

6264F has an adjustable plate (Blue).
I would recommend the same thing and just use multiple power levels and a high angle if you really need to do bar shots, or use a normal angle and back up a bit from the goal.
It’s just on a hinge activated by pneumatics.

We are a new team, and don’t have pneumatics. Is there are correlation between velocity and recovery rate? By this I mean would the recovery rate for a robot shooting at full speed be faster than a robot shooting at a lower speed? We have very little compression on the ball, and can’t go much lower than full speed at about a tile’s distance away from the goal. Of course we can play with compression and make it work, I just don’t want to sacrifice consistency (not saying it would sacrifice it with proper tuning, just not sure if we could find that balance)

You can’t use velocity control if the flywheel is operating at full power because the motors cannot add more speed if they are already maxed out. Therefore yes, shooting at full power will reduce fire rate.

Your possible recovery rate could be faster if you normally shooy at less than full power. We score entirely from the field, so we don’t bother with velocity control. I set it to about 60 power for bar shots, and putting at 127 after the first shot allows me to fire the rest as fast as I can intake them. At longer range, where the first shot has to be at 127 power, I just have to wait for it to speed back up.

Your range might change by shifting the angle of the hood, but you would still require more power to get the height and the range you need for full or cross courting. At least that it what I would assume in your case.

So with velocity control, I’m not changing the angle of my shot, rather the height? And with that would it require less energy to shoot the ball in a more direct path, than it would to shoot at a higher arc? And would it be theoretically more accurate with the lower arc assuming we were lined up properly? I’ve seen a lot of robots that have one trajectory, and they shoot from the loading zone by hitting the goal at the downhill part of the arc, and the shoot from up close by hitting it during the uphill of the arc, but they require precise lining up. I appreciate the helpful comments!

With velocity control you can change the height and range due to its linear relationship, but by changing the angle you sacrifice range for height and vise-versa. Hope I was slightly helpful. Cheers.