Adjustable intake

My robotics team is using a roller intake to intake cubes of 2 different sizes. I was wondering how we could make the intake adjustable without the driver having to do much work. Any suggestions!

How much different are the cubes? And what are you trying to accomplish this for? is it for vex, a robotics class, or just for fun? I would try to make the intakes able to pivot so they adjust themselves to whatever size the cubes are

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One is 6 inch and another is 8 inch. Also this is for FRC

Pictures would help (of both the robot and the cubes…)

The goal is to intake as many cubes as possible and be able to intake both sizes. The cubes are made of similar material that you might see in wrestling mats. It’s a tough material, but it’s a little soft also

I’ve never competed in frc before or looked at their rulebook (this is a vex forum :sweat_smile:) but depending on the rules and what’s feasible, you could use pneumatics and sensors to actuate the intakes


The best suggestion I could give would be to look at FRC reveals on youtube from past years to get ideas and go on the forum Chief Delphi (which I believe is specifically for FRC, so it’ll help you much more than the Vex forum). There isn’t really much we can do for you here.

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try something similar to pneumatic actuated wheel claws like the ones in power up. This way your claw can adjust to different cube sizes

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Maybe try compression intakes. Intakes that perfectly grab the 6" cubes, but as they grab the 8" they open up a bit. Does that make sense?

Sorta. Do you mean compression with the use of a claw or through rollers

Through rollers, all they would need to do is open up one inch on each side.

omni-directional rollers would probably be your best choice as they’ll be able to intake and move up at the same time, and based off your diagram it looks like you’re trying to have them move up your robot, right?


Wrong competition my dude. Try an FRC forum.

How vastly different are these sizes? Like does one have 2x the edge length than the other?

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