Adjustable Launcher

I have seen a lot of threads about launchers and flywheels, but not much about whether or not your launcher should be adjustable. From what I’ve seen in the Singapore and Maryland matches, the most successful robots are the ones that never move, and just shoot as many as they can from the starting tile, in which case renders an adjustable launcher useless, if you never need to adjust. Should your robot be adjustable to launch from anywhere on the field? Or is it more practical to make your robot really efficient from the starting tile?

More specifically for a flywheel.

This is still VERY early in the season and the teams that move have not yet become efficient at collecting balls to score. Being able to score from anywhere on the field (preferably while moving) along with constant improvement of flywheel rate of fire will give the moving robots ample time to collect the balls preset on the field and those that miss the robots or goals during play. The stationary launchers will quickly become faster and will have to move in order to block or score the other balls on the field. At this point ball collection isn’t advanced enough to warrant high scoring moving robots because for now loading by hand from the loading zone is faster, this will change soon enough. Once the stationaries eat through their match loads there will inevitably be a battle for the pyramids and getting those balls out of your possession and into the goal as fast as possible is the only way to gain the advantage.

I think there is a misconception that you are having.

At least in Singapore, all the good teams can shoot well from the starting tiles, and they can shoot in the field as well.

Taking 8059A as an example, we finished shooting all the match loads within 40 seconds. Obviously we will need to move out of the starting tiles to score more balls.

By World, it will not be the case of whether you can shoot from the starting tiles only or from any specific part of the field.
By then, I think the real challenge will be how fast can you align your robot and shoot (from any part of the field).