Adult Competitions

I have searched for over an hour and can’t seem to find an answer. Is there a competition for the adults and college grads? I love robotics and want to start getting involved with some competitions and this one seemed interesting until I saw this was for Middle School, High School, and College.

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you could mentor a team. Its a way to get involved, even if you aren’t competing directly.
recf isn’t really interested in having competitions for anyone past college, mostly because their goal is to get students interested in the field of STEM, not to have competitions for adults who are already in the field of STEM.

You can probably find some adult robotics competition that exists separate from vex, but if vex is what you’re interested in, mentoring is pretty much your only option.


Battlebots can be a choice


You could do FRC.

FRC is for high school students.

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In theory… yes.


Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that.

do battlebots or mentor

Your options are:



or Start a new unofficial vex competition level (probably the hardest of the 3)


More like most epic.


I was thinking about creating my own competition. With 4 different levels to compete on. Middle School, Highschool, College, Professional. Then have 1 more set of competitions for the best of the best and that winning team gets a bonus trophy. And this would take place at least once a year at my state fair and probably some other places. But my master plan is to connect with all the local schools in my state to build a robotics team and the schools that don’t have any qualified mentors will be able to join a weekly WebEx meeting where I teach whats needed to know for the first few weeks then after I’m done teaching it will be for troubleshooting where teams can ask for help.


That sounds… quite ambitious

good luck though


Please let us know how that goes, because I know I would definetely be interested in that. Good luck!

Might have to wait until next summer. But I’m sure it’ll be stressful or fun.

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RoboGames? No idea if still running.

To successfully start your own competition will take >1 person and some $


I think you might be allowed to do Vex AI

According to AIG8, if the op is enrolled in a Post-Secondary school such as a college or a technical school (which, according to his original post leads me to believe that he is not), he would be able to do VEX AI. (See image below)
But even still, he would have to start a team himself or find a team to join (to my knowledge as of today there are only 5 VEXAI university teams) in order to do VEXAI.


If you’re like 20-25 years old and you continue to do VEXU, paying 10-20k a year to go to the university that has it, might as well do Battlebots ngtl.

To be clear people in the past have taken 1 community college class to be eligible for vexu. That’s nowhere close to 10-20k. Few hundred probably.


Ah… That is true, I forgot you can be a college student part-time