Advanced Gear Pack

What is this I hear about a new gear pack. Is this true and if so, what is going to be in it and when is it going to be released?

John-V-Neun seemed to indicate that it will be released in April. He said that it will contain some of the gears we have been asking for. So I bet there will be worm gears, rack gears, probably a couple of 84 tooth gears, maybe crown gears although nobody has mentioned those.

I’m sure it is WAY too late, but I’d sure like some gears with hardened shaft holes. The metal bracers are great, but it would be even better to have steel reinforced sleeves in built into the gears.

And is the buzz on the new gear kit that we are getting a rack-and-pinion set? Be still my foolish heart.

Now, if we could get a couple of sizes of solenoids…

a new gear kit would be awesome cause i would actually want to buy it because i could make a crane move across the vex main platform or something

rack and pinion would be godly
unfortunately, it would have worked wonders for anyone who did the FVC competition this year, depending on design

also, adding to the hardened shaft holes thing
i second that
our team actually SPLIT 2 84-tooth gears [details on how will remain undisclosed for the time being]

Did you split the whole gear in half?:eek:
I split the shaft hole on one because i had way to much weight on it.

Do you or anyone have any idea when in April. Early or later in the month?

I’d imagine it would be released after the World Championship. Ooh, perhaps they’d even have the new parts on display…that’d be awesome. (I have no reason to believe they will be, but it’d sure make me happy.)

I have heard of a few new advanced kits coming out, I can’t exactly recall where, but there are like two or three, the advanced gear kit being one of them. If I read right it said in April and one in the summer some time. If you haven’t noticed, all of this stuff like these kits and the new VEX kit (yay!!!:smiley: ) are coming out right before they announce the new challenge. So maybe it will be more challenging than what everyone is expecting.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was announced at the world championship or if teams there got free kits :smiley: that would be sweet.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced it there. And it would not be good for the teams who went to Atlanta to get free kits b/c it isn’t fair to the other teams who did not make it there.

I agree maybe the winning team but not every team.

hopefully the teams that made it to the championship will get 1.

I can guarantee that Atlanta attendees won’t get free kits. That would not be fair to the other teams and there’s not incentives to win.