Advanced gear question

This is my claw and i would like to link all the gears together via gears to have the claw open and close symmetrically while leaving the space between the two motors and the gears linked to the motors.
I know i need to use an even number of gears to have each side of the claw open or close to the right side.
But the problem is, i can’t use 10 (12 teeth


gears)because i don’t have so much gears so i thinked about gears for torque and then for speed but i’m not sure how it works and would definitely appreciate if somebody told me which gears to use, and maybe explain to me why if possible.
Thank you very much.

The gears linking the two sides can be any size as long as they are both the same size. You could use two 32-tooth gears for example.

The only gears that effect your gear ratio are the input and output gears. In a claw, the input gear is the gear that the motor is powering, and the output gear is the one that is attached to the pincer arm. If you want a 1:5 gear ratio for torque, you would have the motor power a 12-tooth gear, and the 12-tooth gear would spin a 60-tooth gear. You probably know all of this stuff already, this was just so we are on the same page.

What happens if the input gear is not directly powering the output gear? What if, say, the 12-tooth input gear spins an 84 tooth gear which spins the 60-tooth output gear? That 84-tooth gear is known as an idle gear, and will not effect the gear ratio. You will still have a 1:5 ratio.

This means that as long as your input and output gears give you the ratio you want (and you have an even number of gears), the size of the gears in between them don’t matter. You can experiment with the number of idle gears and their sizes to see which ones give you the spacing you need for your claw.

I hope this helps and good luck this season.

@ET phone home it won’t happen even though I’m putting different gears next to each other?
Thank you so much you helped me a lot

You’re welcome. Looking at your pictures (I couldn’t see them when writing my reply for some reason), @536Mentor is right. In this instance, your two motors are linked. If they are linked at a ratio, (say 1:5) one of your motors will be trying to force your other motor to move 5 times as fast as it normally would. You are correct in thinking that will cause problems.

Based on your picture it looks like two 60-tooth gears should do what you need.

Yes the 60t gears fit the distance required, but they won’t fit because of how the claw is mounted. He will need to do a series of 12t gears to get past the arm, and then put slightly larger gears in the center. It is important to note, though that whatever gears he puts, it will have to be an even number of gears.

@ET phone home
Thank you guys, to make sure:
I will use a 12t gears linked to my main 12t gear And put two 60t gears in the middle to fill the gap right?

If they existed, you could.

It was JUST an example.

Yes that would work. Although the fewer gears you can have, the less friction you have to worry about.

Actually, no, that won’t work. 2 12t and 2 36t gears is 2 holes too wide. He has 2 options: A) do that and bump each claw out a hole B) 2 36t gears and 4 12t gears, which seems like way too many too me.

Sorry, I was making the assumption that he would adjust the holes to make it work.

I mean the 36t gears instead of the 60t, it adjusted the holes and everything went well thank you!