Advantage of using PROS over VEXcode Pro V5

Is there any real advantage of using PROS over VEXcode Pro V5?
I’ve heard that it can easily do multiple things at once, but even VEXcode Pro can do that.

From a pure functionality standpoint, there is no difference between the two. PROS’ main advantage in my mind is the easier to use API, better documentation, and the ability to use whatever editor you please with it. It also runs on linux, where few (none?) of the other programming solutions work.

Secondarily, it does come bundled with OkapiLib, which offers advanced functionality such as motion profiling, but that is separate from PROS itself.


Do you yourself use OkapiLib or what people would you say use it? I have heard about OkapiLib but what exactly is the difference between trying to make your own systems like motion profiling?

Both, OkapiLib and your own solutuins will work. OkapiLib is already made, so you don’t need to do the work into making the code, and it will already be stress tested, and have less bugs. In the other hand, you will have more control of your own code, you will learn more, and any problems should be easier to debug