Advantages of layered rollers on traybot

After watching through some of the China Nationals videos (very impressive btw), I noticed that many of the traybots used rollers offset from each other. Does this improve grip or is there another reason for not putting them in line with one another? Here’s a picture if the explanation didn’t make sense.


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it may give the intake rollers more compression to take in the cubes, not entirely sure on that tho…

It stops intakes from falling off/being broken.

Could you elaborate on that? Do you mean the chain not snapping, the intake rollers staying in place, or something else?

Take a look at these intakes.

They work great, unless the chain breaks. When the chain on 1961Z’s rollers breaks, they are effectively useless.

However, the China style of intake has sprockets with flaps directly attached. Since the chain is above the rollers, it has less chance of being hit or snapping, and since the back sprocket is directly driven, it will work regardless of the status of the chain. That’s why these intakes are so effective.


also iv’e noticed many teams having sprockets with chain wrapped around which makes it harder to unlink a piece of the chain

Then you can link rollers with gears instead of chain. I couldn’t see from the picture if that is what they are doing.

Do you have link to the video?

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The main reason this style of intake is so good is that it separates getting good compression on the cubes in the tray from the act of picking up more cubes. By having the two rollers staggered you’re able to have the top roller be tuned just for compression on the cubes in your tray while having the bottom rollers be tuned completely differently for picking up more cubes which can be extremely helpful in a lot of cases.


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