Advantages of RobotC versus EasyC

Just curious what are the advatages of RobotC over EasyC our school is debating on weather or not to switch us to RobotC or not.

I think the main advantage is, in my opinion, Robot C has a much greater upside than Easy C. You can run Robot C in Graphical Mode like Easy C, but can also go to test mode for the full programming experience with more programming power form those willing to put in the time to learn it.

I was also told it was more precise but I don’t know why

If you have prior experience in programming, then programming in RobotC is probably a lot faster. This is since the code is keyboard based, instead of EasyC’s mouse based interface (slower)


I would also say that if you plan to do programming later in life, Robot C is a better choice because it is more similar to most traditional computer programming languages. That is not to say that you can not learn a lot of lessons from Graphical programming, just that it is a different set of skills.

As a note, PLC Ladder Logic is more similar to Graphical Programming than to Traditional Computer Programming, and PLC Ladder Logic is very widely used in industry, so it is not a useless set of skills by any means.

However, i would say that it is easier to pick up Easy C with years of Robot C than the other way around, as far as style and complexity goes.

That’s why we had EasyC for the last few years

Ok, I’m coming here with a bias but:

There is nothing wrong with EasyC, you can write some very complicated programs cough @Duke4221c cough using it, but it’s quite limited and sometimes, harder to use when you’re trying to do specific things. But, if you’re only needing a pass-fail program, EasyC is great.

RobotC on the other hand is much more open and easier to use. As long as you have the dedication to robotics, you’ll be able to learn it within a few days or weeks. You’ll start learning new features and more computer related sciences that could be help later down the road. But, even this (like EasyC) is very restricted.

Here’s the bias, kinda?

This is my personal opinion, but since EasyC and RobotC are still very constricted (albeit excellent programs) the PROS architecture and platform gives you a more, down to earth experience. Unlike RobotC, PROS is less restricted in terms of the access to the language you’d be using © which can allow you to learn more of syntax and logic that you may use later on in life.

Whatever route you choose to take, good luck!


We just switched from easyC to RobotC this year. For us, it was the right choice to start with easyC because our entire team had about zero programming experience. Now that we have enough people who know what they’re doing, we’re switching.

It is my understanding that the RobotC graphical editor is, in fact, way worse than easyC. So I wouldn’t switch to RobotC with the assumption that you will use it as your primary interface.

There are things that just don’t work in easyC; the biggest one I’ve come across is the gyro. It Just. Does. Not. Work. (Well, it technically works, if you don’t mind getting inaccurate data about 2 seconds late.)

One of the great things about RobotC is that there are huge libraries that very nice people have put together that are available for you to download and use. These libraries, such as @jpearman’s Smart Motor Library, are not available for easyC at all, and I’m not sure if you even could re-create this functionality in easyC. There are also many examples of code on this forum as well as the RobotC forum, and just from examining them you can figure out how to do some sophisticated stuff.

RobotC is like taking the lid off of what you can do with your robot.

We are glad we switched. Also, RobotC is now free.

I am doing the free robotC tutorial over winter break even though our team uses PROS. Do you think it will still help me? Or would it just make it more confusing?