Advertising on the Forum

I have a suggestion to make. Would it be possible to put advertisements on the forums (which a good number of people visit every day multiple times a day), and use the revenue from that to subsidize the cost of VEX parts? There’s lots of space in the sidebars, and I don’t think that people would mind as long as the ads aren’t intrusive. Perhaps the cost of major parts could be brought down just a little bit because of this. Maybe someone can set up a poll to see if people would mind. It might not be a very good suggestion, but I just thought that I would throw it out there.

If advertising on forum is needed to support cost of providing the forum,
I’d understand it. I like and use the forum, so I can pay “by viewing”.

Subsidizing parts is dinking into the profit margin of Vex,
I don’t support that.

Its a fine line, since the same profit stream is supporting the forum now.
Realistically, how much profit do you think there is in ads,
vs the volume of products Vex ships?