Advice For A Claw That Extends

We have a claw that extends high enough to reach the top post. However, I would like it to extend much faster than it is now as it takes about 7-10 seconds to reach the top. Any video as, pictures, ideas, or just good information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think more info from you would be helpful for anyone willing to help. If you have a picture of what you currently have, that might help people to better understand what you are wanting to do.

Hello Denali, welcome to the forum.

In threads where you are looking for help in design, it is necessary for you to give us information about the situation. Information such as great ratio, motors used, and basic design will allow us to help you more effectively.

A simple step you can take to decrease your lift time would include changing your gear ratio. A simple way to do this is by either changing the external gearing or changing the internal gearing of the motors.