Advice on arm X-bracing

Hi all! My team is working on adding lift arms to our traybot and we’ve hit some issues with the bracing between the arms
We tried cutting a 2 wide c channel in half and cutting a notch where the bars cross, but it seemed not very strong (the notch crrated a major weak point)

What we really need is advice on what physical piece to make the braces out of

Thanks for any help you can give!

Try just using 5 wide straight across.

The holes don’t line up straight across

Not trying to be mean, but then you should fix that spacing my guy

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We have a set of holes lined up diagonally where we want the x braces to attach, we just need to make the braces themselves

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One by bars work decently (just keep them under tension), but you can also do just fine by offsetting the 1xL (c channel cut in half) down by 1/2" in order to leave room for the first one. I actually recommend doing an X with full c channels, arm stability is very important this game. Lastly, try to configure your X so that you can screw the c channels together, which is very important for strength.


Can u post a pic

20 char



Sometimes you have to make it align, I’d suggest the 5-wide but drill out some of the holes so you can screw it in without bending your arms.

That bracing will take up wayyyy to much space. You will have to tilt the tray up a large amount to score towers. I would really recomend making the arms a set distance apart. So probably going to have to redo it.

thanks for your help! this worked great!