Advice on my Microphone Placement Device

Hey people,

I am training as a studio engineer and for my Major Project at university I am going to be building a microphone placement device . I am an amateur when it comes to electronics but I have a solid set of ideas when it comes to the actual build. My project will look fairly similar to the one shown in this video, however I am looking to have a extra motor to control the mic stand itself for off-axis movement.

The device construction is comfortably within my skill level (I think) but I am having trouble finding some of the parts shown in this video. I already have the motor’s, rack and rails but I am unsure on what kind of pinion is shown on the upright motor at 0:33 of this video.

I think it may be the Metal 12-Tooth Pinion listed below but would like conformation before I purchase anything.

I would also like to know if Vex sells the nuts and the square shaped rod shown in the first picture below. Secondly I would like to know if the long screws shown in the second picture are available to buy.

Thanks and appreciate any help!](


Thanks for the questions.

I believe you are correct - the gear shown at -0:33 appears to be a Metal 12-tooth pinion like the one available here -

VEX does sell 0.125x0.125in & 0.25x0.25in drive shafts. For this application, I believe you will want the 0.125x0.125in drive shaft available here -

VEX sells a variety of #8-32 hardware including screws up to 2in long and nuts. For this (and 95% of all applications) I recommend Nylock nuts.
The screws are available here -
The nuts are available here - [

Let me know if you have any more questions,

That’s great!

Thank you so much for your help.