Advice on my Microphone Placement Device

Hey people,

I am training as a studio engineer and for my Major Project at university I am going to be building a microphone placement device . I am an amateur when it comes to electronics but I have a solid set of ideas when it comes to the actual build. My project will look fairly similar to the one shown in this video, however I am looking to have a extra motor to control the mic stand itself for off-axis movement.

The device construction is comfortably within my skill level (I think) but I am having trouble finding some of the parts shown in this video. I already have the motor’s, rack and rails but I am unsure on what kind of pinion is shown on the upright motor at 0:33 of this video.

I think it may be the Metal 12-Tooth Pinion listed below but would like conformation before I purchase anything.

I would also like to know if Vex sells the nuts and the square shaped rod shown in the first picture below. Secondly I would like to know if the long screws shown in the second picture are available to buy.

Thanks and appreciate any help!](

Drive bar shafts! that’s it! I wasn’t sure what it was called so it was hard to explain. Thank you so much for your help!

The screws may or may not be from VEX, you can get them wherever you want. Here is the page with Structure items, closer to the bottom there are all the screws and nuts they have. You will want 8-32 for most things, and 6-32 for the rack gears and motors (should be included though).

Pretty much everything in the video is VEX parts.

Ok thank you very much I have a much clearer idea on what to order now.