Advice on sensors for autonomous

My team doesn’t understand how to use sensors for autonomous. I need advice on how to use them and how to program them. If anyone has any advice please help.

Which specific sensors are you looking for? I will be glad to help.

In general though, sensors return a value typically based on their position. Most digital sensors return a value of either 1 or 0 which usually stands for pressed(1) and not pressed(0). This applies to certain sensors such as bump switches and limit switches. For sensors such as the potentiometer and shaft encoder, they return a long numeric value.

The most basic statement to get the value that a sensor is returning is SensorValue[sensorName].
However, each sensor has a different syntax, so as soon as you tell me what specific sensors you are looking to program, I can give you more details.

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All jokes aside, we typically use a wide array of sensors, including quadrature encoders (big red ones), potentiometers, and gyros to track movement.