Advice on vexcode pro api document

I am a programmer in a vex vrc team. When I struggled to find some tutorials on vexcode pro v5, I noticed that someone use command like motor.RotateTo or motor.StartRotateTo in vexcode pro. But these command are not listed in VEXcode Pro v5 api document( https
:// ). After some searching work, I found these command is listed in the VCS api document (at ), which is officially EOL.

I am coding with vexcode pro. There are similar commands like motor.SpinTo here. May I ask if these outdated commands are still available or not now? Any ideas is welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PS: Is there any chance that the vexcode pro team could add more information or examples on the commands in the api document? Or just fix some links
which will be easier for beginners to study.

RotateTo and RotateFor (and anything that starts with rotate) are all outdated. Use SpinFor (and everything else that starts with spin).


Thanks for your advice!!