Advice Please

This is our first year of Vex and one of my students has decided to try to replicate the bot shown from the V5 Competition Super Kit. She’s done a great job but she’s struggling with how the arm should actually attach to the structure. She’s done a ton of modifications already to make it fit in the 18x18x18 size guideline.

Does anyone have any advice? I’ve given her some ideas to look into but unfortunately they won’t work. It seems this kit somehow uses the high strength shafts for the lifting part of the arm.

Thanks in advance!

I would mount the arm on a tower in the back, make sure it is structurally sound and don’t be afraid to deviate from the original design.

Please post images, that will help with troubleshooting the problems your student is having.

I reccomend having a central gearbox which transfers torque to the lift with a t section20191017_143541


This is the image she is using. Give me a minute and I’ll post an actual shot of her bot.

IMG_20191022_131905 !


i would look up others that have more documentation and look at different drive bases. There is a CAD thread of some of the best worlds bots floating around here that is a good resource, looking at this now several building technique problems are noticable. First the lift, gears and axles and anything like that needs 2 sides of support, there is a website with all this on it that is a great resource i will post it in here when i find a link. I would also encourage building small parts of the robot(base chassis, lift, tray) and then putting it all together in sections. Complete 1 section at a time. Most importantly any robot will be torn apart at least 2 times before it is finished

one good youtube channel is kepler electronics and just search forums and youtube for building advice, you wont find a manual in VEX unless it for a clawbot.

I’d do the tray first and build the intake around it.

this may sound obvious but you always want to chassis first so you have somewhere to put anything on the robot

@DRow Would it be possible to add pdf build instructions to the “Docs and Downloads” of the Competition Super Kit and the other kits?

Thanks for your help so far. I’ve discussed it with my student. She wants to continue to use the frame she has built but she is going to redesign the arms to make them a bit shorter and fit inside the standing structure with the tray. Kind of like the 488X build she found on YouTube.

I do have a question though the 18x18x18 ruling applies to the beginning stage of the robot when they are being checked in correct? Once they are on the field they can expand? I am still a bit confused on that ruling when I’ve seen trays obviously higher than the 18x18x18 rule.

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18x18x18 is for the starting size. the robot has to pass inspection in this size and be put on the field at this size. After that the robot can expand across the entire field if it wants. There is a wallbot video of a robot doing that for this year. if she is continuing to use that chassis i would start by making it an H frame and adding crossbars when needed and definately make sure arms have proper support. also crossbars shount go closest to the floor on the chassis i noticed one below the wheels, that shouldnt go like that because it can snag on something.


VEX has reference builds