Advice starting VEX Uteam

Hi everyone!
I’m new here! I’m currently a community college student who heard about the Vex program and wants to start a VEX U team. I do not have any previous experience in robotics but I did take programming classes in highschool and am taking the cs50 course on harvard x. Could someone please give me general advice? I want to start a team because my school doesn’t have an engineering department and I want to see if engineering is right for me. I’m trying to recruit other students but many work and have children so there’s not much interest so far. What are good ways to recruit people? What are some common challenges beginner teams face? What are the most important things to consider when starting out? Any other advice is welcome.

Thank you so much!

First off welcome to the Vex Community! Secondly, while I cannot give much advice on recruitment I can give the challenges beginner teams face. I had some friends from Knight Shift and Fuzzy Wuzzy who decided to do VexU and start their own team. What they struggled with was time management. College is quite the work load and to add on building two robots seemed to be too much. So I would make sure to allocate quite a bit of time for this. Another thing is support for the program. Will your community college sponsor the program at all? If not do you have any plans on how to fund the program? These are the biggest things that I have learned about VexU and I can try to add more if they come to mind.


Hi, I sent you a message with my email. I’m the faculty advisor for the MCCC U-Team at Monroe County Community College. Community College teams are extra challenging imo, but I’ll help out if I can.


Thank you so much for the advice!

Thank you so much for offering to help us!

I would recommend trying to get a lot done over the summer and not doing as much during the school year.


Thank you so much for your suggestion!