Advise/discussion-Tightening nylocks and other difficult-to-tighten-components

I find myself using brute force to tighten a nylock but it seems that other teams have a ratchet to do this, and we have one but my team seems to think it’s too powerful and could strip the screws/nuts, and I’m honestly tired of screwing in nylocks because It really hurts in the long run. Any advice? Thank you.

if you strip a screw or nut cant you just replace it?

the kobalt double driver is what we have
Kobalt Double drive screwdriver 13-Piece Rubber Handle Ratcheting Multi-Bit  Screwdriver Set at

I mean yeah but my team is under the belief that we cant use it, which i find ridiculous because i see other teams with it and kepler electronics mentioned it.

just use it and say that if it ever does strip it, you will stop using it, worked for me with autons that my team didnt want to use

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when the nut is pretty much tight, put less force into the ratchet, then take the ratchet off.

Modifying a nutdriver so that you can tighten nuts immediately next to metal.

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And these will reach through a 1x2 c channel.

So take the nutdriver mod, some of these, a cheap cordless screwdriver (with torque control), and a pair of medical hemostats…

Your assembly speed will triple, and your fingers won’t hurt.