aesthetics of robot

My team is trying to decide on aesthetics to add to the robot (paint, screws in a pattern, highlights etc.)

We where wondering what cool things other teams have come up with regarding this.

pictures would be much appreciated.

thanks for any post.

Making your robot look like ours is the best idea :eek:

We added a dragon to the top once and that was cool!

ha, that’s funny, we where thinking of painting the bars that come up from either side of the intake red to look like devil horns.

Link to 1200 & 1200F reveal video last year. They had shaded poly-carbonate with colored electrical tape (as side plates). I think any design/picture would look cool on poly-carbonate.:cool:

We added printed graphics this year to our robot and we think they looked really nice. We designed them ourselves, printed them, laminated them and attached them to the robot. There are logos going all the way around the chassis and one on each side of the lift.

I personally would avoid painting metal. It may look nice…but my guess is only for a short period of time. Not to mention dealing with flaking paint for the next 5 years.

This picture is a capture from a video, so apologies for the bad quality. We will have a reveal video in about a week for this robot if you want to see more.

Here is another shot of graphics… (after state competitions…hence the ripped corner)


We dress our robot whit a colombian flag and a horse head

Is so cool driving in pits after competition:cool:
sorry for the low quality ,the bad rotation and size!

ha! I want one.

anyone ever try to painting screws. does it work well/ stay colored. we where thinking it would be cool to paint a bunch of screws and put them places to look like horns or scales and such.

NAR used shaded plexiglass with designs on them for their sack attack robots shown below. It’s profesionally done though, so it might take some money to make it look like theirs.

Personally I can’t say much about using paint, however there is a process that I have seen a few teams use to stain their metal called anodizing that works really well. It may have been what 323z did to their robot during sack attack, however I could be wrong. Here’s a link to it:

can anyone tell me if automotive paint works better that normal spray paint? we don’t have time to anadize (even though I would love to try it next season) what is the best paint you have had experience with?

we are wanting to paint large c channel supports and then re-attach them. we would then re paint the bar if we wanted to use it for next season because the paint would probably be rubber off in spots like under screws and nuts.


I’m just using multiple layers of some decent quality spray pain with clear coating. It holds up well enough and can always be repainted or whatever.

Also, LED lights look really cool. They come in so many different colors that it is easy to match it with the rest of your color scheme. They are also extremely cheap.

We weren’t that legit :stuck_out_tongue: We just spray painted the metal.

LED’s are really cool.

Anodize all the metal on your robot.

have you ever anodized? do you have any tips or ideas on the best place to get it?