After pairing robot to controller it won't run.

My 2 new bots won’t run unless they’re tethered. I made sure the radio was pushed in. The brain and the controller were both off when students began the tether process. Please help. Also my third kit came without a battery for the controller. How do I get one of those. It was the $249… kit. I didnt mean to reply to firmware update question. Was trying to post this as a question.

Hi Mamarizz,

We’re sorry that you have encountered these issues. In regards to the missing Controller Battery, please contact VEX Support at [email protected] or by calling +1-903-453-0802 so we can send you this missing component.

To ensure that the radios pair correctly, please ensure that they are fully inserted. On the Controller, you will need to remove the battery door to fully insert the radio. On the Robot Brain, you will need to press and hold the red release button on the bottom to insert or remove the radio. When fully inserted, there is slightly over a quarter inch (7-8mm) of the radio exposed on both the Controller and the Robot Brain. After the tethering process, you may need to turn off and turn on the Robot Brain and Controller again to initialize the radio connection.

If you are having any additional questions or concerns, our technical support folks (available at the email address and phone number above) will be able to resolve help resolve them.


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