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New to the whole robotics world. I saw that the vex IQ had an update to the age rule in the manual in the Q&A. Does anyone know if there was any update for the middle school age for VRC?

The (upcoming) rule change for IQ was communicated in this Q&A post. There has been no equivalent post in the VRC Tower Takeover Q&A.

That’s not to say that the VRC age rules won’t change in an upcoming manual update (the next one is scheduled for June 14th), but it would seem a bit odd to announce in advance a change to one manual but not the other.

I was asking because we have two teams that are a 6th grader and an 8th grader who misses the age cutoff by 4 weeks/6 weeks respectively Seems it will be difficult for them to compete well against older high schoolers.

Thanks for the response.

If you want an official answer your place to post it would be here:

If nothing else the GDC will confirm or deny any potential changes.


do you mean the 6th grader will be OVER 14 at Worlds 2020? If so, then the following portion may apply to both the 6th and 8th grader:

> may also be granted based on a disability that has delayed education by at least one year.
So, if the school held the child back due to a disability, learning, behavior, emotional…, they should all be documented in the school system, then contact your Regional Support Manager.

Otherwise, for VRC, the rules are pretty clear in terms of middle school age definition.

As mentioned earlier, post on Official Q&A for any questions regarding rules and definitions in the game manual. Prior years Q&A do not carry forward.

The 8th graders on both teams will be too old by a bit. So I guess unless it changes their teammates will play in high school with them. No diagnosed disability but one held back and one started late. Private school. Thanks

If the district deemed the students not ready for next grade level, that should be sufficient. I would check with your RSM about specific circumstances.

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