Age limits compared to grade

I had a couple question being I’m a new coach to VRC and have a rookie team. We are a commuinty team not connected to a school.

  1. we have a kid that is 14 and as of right now confused on if he is in 8th or 9th grade due to some home school paper work and such. But if he is 14 or maybe even 15 but in the 8th grade is that still consdidered middel school. The rest of our team are middle school age.

  2. What if a kid is in the 9th grade. How would other coaches handle this. Our area doesnt have much for robotics and is why I started our program. I’m thinking of have him mentor and hang out with the team so he can learn but don’t want to cause in trouble for our team at competitions. For now money and time will only allow me to have one team so trying to figure out how best to included him.

There is very little information I see on age limits they just go by grade limits. What if a team of 7 graders had one 9th grader does that mean they should compete in the High school age limit?

I tried to search this forum but man there is some really old information here. Alot of stuff dating back to when FIRST and VEX was together.

i believe it goes by the majority, so in your case you can put your team in middle school competitions. I say this because it doesnt make sense to jepordize a team by putting them in a higher level of competition due to one student. the 14 year old should also be allowed to compete with the team.

this reply is based off of my experience as a VEX middle school and high school competitor.

There was a similar question last year.

The ruling said that as long as the drivers were middle school aged then you were OK. Otherwise enter them as a high school team. Unfortunately, middle school aged is ambiguous, students may have been held back a year (or two) so an 8th grader could age from perhaps 12 through 14. There should be no problem using him as a coach.

I should also add that in our area at local competitions, middle school and high school teams all play together so it sort of becomes irrelevant, it’s hard to tell if a team is middle or high school sometimes, some of the younger students are very good.

Thanks for that link. This forum has so much information but some of it is years and years old. I talked to a few people about this and they all came came up with the same thing. Drivers must be middle school. My guess they read that link. :rolleyes:

The answer is the same as for last year: middle school team drivers must be in middle school. In the US and Canada this is grade 8 or younger. For countries with different grade progressions, it means age 13 or so (some might be 14) or younger. Junior high school teams (up to grade 9) may participate in the middle school division if the drivers are grade 8 or younger. Any middle school team may participate in high school competitions, although some event partners may require that middle school teams play in the middle school division of a tournament if one is available.

Thanks you…