We are a 7-9 Middle School… Are all my students eligible for VEX IQ?

Hi James,

Please note that the only source of official answers for questions regarding aspects of the 2014-2015 VEX IQ Challenge competition is from the official VIQC Highrise Q&A forum.

I’ve moved one of the two copies of this thread to the VEX IQ Challenge Official Highrise Q&A forum at the following URL so it can be officially answered by members from the VEX IQ Challenge Game Design Committee:…-clarification

If you are wondering about using VEX IQ in the classroom (or in general) and not specifically about the VEX IQ Challenge competition, the VEX IQ system was designed to transform STEM learning for students aged 8 and up, with a focus on elementary and middle school age students. While there is no upper age limit as to who can use and enjoy VEX IQ, the VEX EDR platform and VEX Robotics Competition provide the next step to middle school age and up students, and allow for more advanced STEM learning opportunities.


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