Age Requirements for High School Competition?

Hey people,

Is it VEX legal for an 8th grade student to be on a high school team?


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Our team is in 8th grade, and we joined as 7th graders. And yes, for that year we did go against high schoolers :slight_smile: Let me just say that they can be crazy, but they also can be creative at solving problems like us :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info! My sister, a rising 8th grader, would like to compete at the high school level. We wondered if there would be an issue with that, but if there wasn’t one for you I guess we’ll give it a try! :slight_smile:

You are so welcome :slight_smile:
It’s kind of hard to go against teams like 400X and 400Z, but eventually you learn that since they are powerful, you will have to be powerful too… We beat all of the other high school teams at our school, and we qualified for nationals in both middle and high school division. We did sadly chose to do middle school division instead, but it still was hard.
Here’s one of our matches:
We have a GoPro on our robot for a First Person View…
We won the match against a robot that won the nationals… Except it was only qualifications…

Thanks for the video! Good luck in the 2016-2017 game!

Thanks! You too :slight_smile: