Age restrictions

This is a general question about the age restrictions for VEX teams. Is it true that there is NO restriction on an elementary school student being on a middle school team or a middle school student being on a high school team?

Yes it was ruled a while back, however the vice versa isnt true, a high schooler cant be on a ms team

Please read the rules. They will answer almost all of your questions. I have attached a screenshot. The vrc hub app is the best. I read over the rules several times at the beginning of the season, and I keep it handy throughout the season.

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Please read the rule you quoted. It doesn’t apply to his question.


The definition of “Team” in the game manual implies that students can “play up” but not “play down”. Middle school students can participate on high school teams, but high school students cannot participate on middle school teams.

There is no written rule in the game manual regarding elementary students. However, VEX suggests that students aged 11-18 (middle school and high school) participate in VRC, and students aged 8-14 (elementary and middle school) participate in VEX IQ. (Source, page 7)


But it is a start. If you click on the word student you get the following definition. And a search for elementary will come up with nothing.

So read the rules. Completely. They answer this question, and many others, clearly.

I by no means want to be condescending, but I notice your account is less than a year old… Yeah, this kind of thing is definitely par for the course in the early season. There will always be people asking questions that are answered clearly by the rules. I don’t know why, and I know there’s nothing we can do about it. If you want to answer people’s questions, that’s valiant of you, but don’t expect anything to change.

Wheww. Is it just me or are things getting a little roasty-toasty in here?

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Yes, I am new around here and with VEX. I started with Alachua County a couple of years ago, and I coached 23 teams this year (21 IQ and 2 VRC). It’s been an awesome experience and I used to teach math… I used to grade papers, now I get to take trips to Kentucky!

I will argue that the vast majority of posts, even at this time of year, are good reading. Not many people are asking questions that can be directly addressed by the manual, and people that do are probably not familiar with where it is, where to find it or what it contains.

I meant for my reply to be educational, as that’s what I do. I am very salty with my 100 middle school kids, and that’s not going to come off well on this forum. I’ll be nicer in the future. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I understand this is old thread. But I do have a follow up question regarding the age of kids in high school team. Can elementary school kids (5th grader) be on a high school VRC team? thanks.

The general rule is that you can play up, but not down. As long as they have a release form and etc., it should be fine.

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By rule, they would be a middle school student, as VRC has no lowerbound for a middle school student. But, if they don’t mind that stigma it’ll all be good.

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If they meet the definition of Student

Student – Anyone enrolled in a pre-college school or who is home-schooled as part of a pre- college educational curriculum and is born after April 27th, 2000.

and they meet the definition of a high school team:

Team – One or more Students make up a Team. A Team is classified as a Middle School Team if all members are Middle School Students. A Team is classified as a High School Team if any of its members are High School Students. Teams may be associated with schools, community/youth organizations, or a group of neighborhood Students.

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To clarify, like @sankeydd said, they would qualify as a Middle School Student for VRC, and they would be eligible for a Middle School or High School team. (And for VEX IQ, they would be Elementary School and unless I’m mistaken they could be on any team.)

I remember two “middle school” teams in my state in Starstruck which seemed to come from an elementary school. (There was also a high school team this year whose school was listed as an elementary school, but this was just a typo.)

We have a 6th grade team from an elementary school in our area. Used to be my school.