Age Rule Clarification

Our team is made up of three 8th graders and one 7th grader. Next season, we are moving up to the high school division, so can our 7th grade member still be with us?

Would he have to join another middle school team?

We would still compete in the high school division, but would have an 8th grader on our team.


I have the same issue, ish. I will be a junior next year, and I would like to add my brother to my team next year as a student of sorts, with me being his mentor. I really don’t know, but I assume this would be allowed with one person.

People in middle school can compete in the high school division.


You can play up a level, not down. So two 11th graders and a 7th grader is a high school team.

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The rule says something like:
“Any team consisting of only middle school students is considered a middle school team, while any team containing at least one high school student is considered a high school team.” (And then it defines what makes a MS student.)

Because this clarification is made, I’m sure it’s perfectly fine. But the team would compete in the HS division.
I’ve had an 8th grader on my otherwise Freshman team, and it worked out fine.

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