AI: Clarfication on Team Composition

So in the AI game manual under team composition. “The VEX AI Competition 2020-2021 season is the inaugural season for this program. We want to see High Schools and Universities face off in a global head-to-head competition. However, schools are not limited to one Team, nor are members of the Team limited to be comprised of students from just one School. Teams should identify with their School when possible so that they represent their School and the support that they have received.”
So does that mean that there might be teams of both high school and college. Or is it more strictly split down the middle?

Yes, a single team may be composed of both high school and college students.

<AIG8> VAIC Student Eligibility.
a. All VAIC Team members MUST be matriculated in a High School, Home School or post-secondary school.
b. Professionals not enrolled in post-secondary education are not eligible to participate on a VAIC Team.
c. VAIC Team members may only be on exactly one (1) VAIC team for the season, see <G6>.