Air cylinder hack

Have you ever had an issue where your air cylinder pivot is the wrong direction? Here is a hack from VEX-U team MCCC:

Take a stand off, at least one inch long, and grind it until it fits into the end of the air cylinder (we have a little milling machine, but the prototype was made by grinding) then secure this new pivot into your structure with a couple shoulder screws from


Quite an innovative solution!

Just a quick question.
Are you able to rotate the piston and then secure it at the desirable location? Or is it supposed to be in the desired direction during construction?

Hopefully that made sense.

Instead of grinding down a standoff, you can just put a spacer on the screw going through the cylinder’s mounting hole and insert a screw into the gap instead

seems like a simpler solution source: matthew 1727B


The air cylinder can freely rotate on the shoulder screws. Nothing was done to the piston inside the air cylinder: it moves just as always.