Air Pumps as Carry-Ons?

Do airlines allow you to bring an air pump on the plane with you as your carry on or personal item? Let me know, and thanks in advance!

Southwest has always let us take it on. We tape our pump to our tripod so it counts as one.:stuck_out_tongue:

About half-way down. Apparently, yes. A bike pump is fine.

When I flew to US Open, I took my pump on, along with 400X Package, it works

i believe you can !

Sweet. Thanks!

Just a warning. Depends on the airport. It was ok with the airlines but TSA (Hawaii) wouldn’t let ours through last year because it is shaped like a stick so we had to run it back to check in.:frowning:

Okay, what is up with the TSA in Hawaii? When I was flying back from Oahu a couple years ago, they confiscated someone’s sand. COLORED SAND. And this was like a 70 year old woman. What did they think she was going to do?

BAHAHAHAHA… I’m sorry, that’s hilarious :smiley:

Hopefully Indiana TSA is nice about our air pumps :stuck_out_tongue: They were nice about our robot last year (except throwing it into the plane…).

I flew our manual air pump last year in a suitcase full of wires and random robot parts/tools. It went through fine, but got a nice letter saying “hey we checked your bag.” Both ways, too.

In TSA’s defense, customs doesn’t want you flying around …erm… live matter (right phrase?). If it contains a bacteria or something that could wipe out the continental U.S., that would be bad. Since sand is a likely harbor for little critters, I could see why there would be some concerns. Not sure why processed, colored sand would send up red flags but you know bureaucrats.

clearly you guys aren’t very familiar with texas petroleum. POCKET SAND!