Air Reservoir Question

Hey how many times can you run a piston before a single air reservoir runs out of air?

Depending on range of motion, I’d say around 10 - 20 ish

The actual specification rating is about 45 strokes with 1 single acting piston. I would agree with an estimate of

because the 45 strokes was no load and said it brought the psi down to 25. After about 40 psi whatever you could do with 100 psi, most likely wont work.

It also depends on the load on the piston and how you can set the pressure regulator. Something that takes very little force can easily run 30 times, but something that needs lots of force might only be able to a few times, also keeping in mind that that application may only be able to run on full pressure, so even if after 2 or 3 strokes there is air left it’s not enough pressure.