Air space outside the field?

Hey so this is an interesting issue that I wanted to know what everybody’s thoughts on were. So, put simply, what, if any, air space outside the field perimeter can people rely on not being filled with a wall, tv screen, scoring table, referee, etc. I was at a comp the other day, and our massive tray got stuck on the tv screen facing the audience. There is nothing in the rules about this, but what do you think? What can we count on having space for at worlds for driving routines? Will we have to specifically plan for certain obstacles? The only thing guaranteed to be there is the tower to tether the controllers, and probably team members. That reminds me, at the same comp, our driver accidentally whacked an opposing driver with the tray, causing him to get distracted and drop the stacks. The refs ended up not calling anything. Could this be a case for <G3>?

You are at your peril for relying on space outside the field perimeter. Alliance towers, monitors, etc have recommended positions, but not guaranteed to be same at all events. Traybots are most impacted by this uncertainty.