Airplane lost our robot

Our team 7853 took our robot to world and we landed today and our D robot came but they lost our second bot

To clarify today we took a red eye flight from Las Vegas to Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati International Airport when we went to pick up our bags only our 7853D robot was there the 7853 robot “SPECTRE” is missing.


It’s always sad to hear stories about losing robots during World’s, however I do believe there is a story about VEX giving some parts that they have in stock to a team a while ago because the airport lost their robot. I’ll see if I can find it. This is just an idea and I do not represent VEX and I’m not saying that VEX will be able to do this.

Talk to someone at worlds. In the past I’ve heard of teams being able to borrow a clawbot until the airline finds their luggage. Of course it’s not competitive but at least you might be able to be lifted.

I insist driving instead of flying (If you are in America or near it).
Although it’s a long drive, your robot will ensure not being lost, and not as destroyed.

This is really sad, im sorry for your lose. I cry

This happened to us two days ago when we flew in, and we went all day without any of our luggage. We got them back after calling the airline company and asking them to transport our lost luggage. It is possible there was not enough room on the plane for the second robot to fit. If that is the case, it might end up on the next flight to Kentucky, so be sure to find out were the robot is by tracking it. Hopefully it shows up.

Frontier airlines have claimed that it was found but now they have LOST IT AGAIN they say it might be somewhere in colorado. The reason it was held up at all in the first place is due to TSA thinking we brought a bomb into the airport in our Robox. We are gonna need a miracle to get the bot to the competition in time for inspection.

YES!!! Go talk to Intelitek Easy C’s expo at worlds tomorrow! I’m sure they have 1103 on display and if they are nice enough maybe you can use that for now.

Today at 4:50AM we went to pick up our robot at Cincinnati Int. Airport and we know have it meaning we will try to get inspected today.

Good Luck! Its great to hear a good ending!

How are things working out for you? Did you manage to get inspected in time?