Airsoft gun

anyone ever tryed putting a airsoft gun on a vex, or know of a kit for it? t would be and easy to beat a friend at airsoft but mean at the same time. i might make one


Note: I did not make this robot - I found this video while browsing YouTube a while back.


I made this robot, it shoots an airsoft gun and tilts up and down to aim.

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hmm…thats an interesting way to do a tilt mechanism. Does it work well (as apposed to having the gun on a platform that tilts)? How does it drive?

it works very well, the drivetrain is just two small wheels in the back and two small wheels in the front with no tread that aren’t powered. so it drives the same when its tilted as when its on the ground.

how do i make a robot with a airsoft gun?.plz help me:)


My gunbot doesn’t use airsoft, but the idea is the same.
more pics at paintball 003.jpg

basically you need:
-a drive train (probally an all terain one)
-an airsoft gun mounted on the base
-something like a servo with a lever to pull the trigger
and to be more advanced you can add pan and tilt to the robot.

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wow, i need to get an automatic airsoft gun. just to mount it onto VEX. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah me too, all I have are a spring shotgun and pistol, but I may get a sweet machine gun from cabelas (if my dad lets me lol)

as soon as i get some more money im going to buy some more accesseries and an air soft gun ill have war with my brother exept ill have my robot hiding sowhen hes looking for me ill take my robot and blast him:p

You should try it with an airsoft rifle instead of pistol. im working on it now.

How does it do with the recoil??

yeah i built one, works awesomely, even made it aim up and down

i did mine with a powerful full auto electric gun

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wheres the best place to buy a cheap air soft gun???

wow thats a cool paint ball bot heres one that was on the old vex forum

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that pic from the old vex forum makes the robot look sooo shiny. that also looks like a really nice bot. :slight_smile:

maybe you could use a spycam on a airsoft robot to be presise?

my airsoft gun bot is awesome, aims up and down and everything, amazing in airsoft wars too, just a little too loud