ALBA Worlds Reveal

Automata Lemon Bot Alliance Starstruck World Championship Reveal

Is that a tetherbot?

@TriDragon looks like it, i would assume thats why they have a bundle of cable between them.

What are the motor distributions of each?

looks like 2 motor drive, 2 lift, 2 claw on each from what i see on the video
edit* the real question is where is your partner in the match footage

The claws are pneumatic

The problem with this is that 3 good robots on one side will start to get in eachothers way alot.
Andcould get beat by 2 very good teams.

Motor distribution is 4 drive, 2 lift, pneumatic claw (x2)
It’s VEXU, so no partner
one robot to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.PNG

100+ points for creativity!

Awesome robot to watch in competition.
How are your set up times?

We don’t like practicing setting up, but I think it’s actually a little easier now. I don’t remember how long it took at state

Have you worked out an autonomous?

psh, autonomous doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:
I think we have worked something out, though. We’ll see - no promises :smiley:

One… how in the world does that get into starting configuration.

Two, you guys haven’t found issues with air given the two tank limit?

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This is what the final final of state (regional?) looked like at the end:
(40-6) ALBA
(some stars were moved I think)

Haha, they start facing each other and slightly offset. They sort of fit into each other. If anyone posts some of the match video from state, you’ll probably be able to see what I mean.

Surprisingly no. We originally had dumpers and switched to claws the week before state/regional. We hesitated to make the switch for a long time because we thought it would be impossible with just one tank per claw. It turns out it’s not a problem, though, as long as the air regulation and cylinder setups are tuned fairly well.

Me when I thought ALBA still had a fork: “PYRO’s gonna win State.”

Me after seeing they had switched to pneumatic claws: “ALBA’s gonna win State.”

Ok that makes sense. That’s what I thought. Cool idea! I’ve definitely got to see it when I head to Worlds this year.


Amazing robot(s) from ALBA! I’ll hopefully be able to watch all their matches at worlds.

As promised earlier, here are a couple of semi-final matches with PYRO vs ALBA.