ALBA Worlds Reveal

How would it hang…

Why would it need to? They can score more in the time it would take them to line up

Nice looking bots! Glad it looks like you wont be in our division.

Have you had issues with objects on the tether?

ALBA will be in our division at Worlds. 2v1 should be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

Seriously though, our team is really looking forward to playing you guys at Worlds!

Wait, where are you guys getting the division lists? From theoretical list? Or did I miss something?

Here are the theoretical division team lists done by @LegoMindstormsmaniac

Thanks @lelder ! I just thought the real division team lists were already posted. Apparently not.

Heh, we definitely weren’t as confident in ourselves as you were :slight_smile:

You guys had a great robot too, and I hope we’ll both be at Culver’s in Louisville next year!

Thanks to everyone for the complements!

It’s impossible to be as confident as me. :wink:

But a least on a regional level, I have a feel for these things. For example, I kept telling Matthew that of us (127C), 2114X, and 2114Z, if two of the three got on an alliance, they would win the tournament and that it would all come down to making sure we were in a picking position. Luckily we were first seed at State, having placed no higher than about 5th the whole season, and we picked 2114X and won (albeit not quite how I imagined).

This is all about most likely outcomes, and of course anything can happen.

The world wants to know, will there be an AURA reveal before worlds? You guys pretty much set the standard in VEXU! Looking forward to competing with your team next week.

I think it’s us who should be glad we aren’t in the same division :slight_smile:
The tether in general has been the biggest problem. When we previously had forks, the tether would always get scooped up. Switching to claws helped a ton. It’s part of the reason we don’t have forks under our claws.

Us too! We’ll see how the schedule plays out, but I bet you’re capable of holding your own

Can Confirm this robot is fun to play with. (Except if you are driving Coles’s Robot :P) unless he fixed it.

Braydon might have you beat, but then, it’s hard to tell the difference between confidence and sarcastic hyperbole in his emails

Eh, I think mine must be the easier of the two to tip now. If we tip at worlds, you have my permission to come and slap whoever was driving

When are you going to get serious about hanging? :slight_smile:

Seriously, the idea of these two robots gathering up all the tether and somehow clinging to that pole is hilarious.

Your robot looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing and perhaps competing against this at worlds :slight_smile: We’re in the same division by the looks of it.

Keep an eye out on the forums on the days before worlds :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you all there.