All 12 Motors (w/o y-cables)

Is there any way to include all 12 motors without y-cables? I currently am using 10 motors, and trying to add 11 and 12, but can’t figure out how. I have a power expander. I have a working cortex (using ports 1 and 10). But how do I get more motors without a y-cable???

I don’t believe there’s any legal way to do this

You cant. You need a y cable between either the cortex and power expander (recommended), between the power expander and motors, or between the cortex and motors.


do you not have any Y-cables, or is there another reason why you don’t want to use them?

I don’t have any.

I would immediately order some, if you can’t get them in time for your next competition I would try to figure out how to get by with 2 less motors. If you have a 6 motor drive you could try going to 4 motors.

No, my next competition is on January 20. I should have access to them in a couple of weeks. Currently, I have a 4-motor drive, a 2-motor mobile goal lift, and a 4-motor scissor lift. I’m trying to attach a 4-bar and goliath intake (1 motor each).

try to make a single motor goal intake, we have one and are able to lift the mobile goal. I think u have enough time to order y-cables. U have one month

Is your next competition the warrior invitational?

No, mine is in Tennessee. I forget what it’s called, but it is the same day as the Warrior Invitational. Good luck there, by the way!

EDIT: Rose Park Invitational

I’m not 100% sure on the legality of it, but you could solder together your own y cables from excess 3-wire extension cables.

That is 100% illegal.

The power expander is 100% legal and gives you better options, just like @sazrocks said. It’s what we’re using, due to the amount of motors(4) we are using on our dr4b, 6 motor base, and then the 2 motor mobile goal intake(passive intake ftw, btw.).
Good luck at your competition!

Do you have a Q&A or any reasoning behind that statement?

It has been ruled illegal in previous Seasons.
Anyway, think R15 is the closest ruling you can find in the manual that says it is illegal.

R15 a ii states:

Modifying a wire so that it can power two motors instead of one is modifying the functionality of said wire, which is illegal.

Read the whole section. The part you cut off states

Oops! my bad, accidently cut it off at the wrong line. i’ll delete the post so people don’t get misinformed.

you could make your own Y-cables to use until the real ones are delivered, just don’t show up to a competition with the homemade ones.