All about 8059 Tipping Point - Reveals, News and Random Stuff

Hi all,

Most probably quite a number of you would have already seen some of the videos, etc.
But thought it will be neater for me to compile all the 8059 videos and stuff under one thread.

Need to start off with an apology for the long delay and still-not-seen SingNat Reveal.
It is a classic case of series of unfortunate events, etc.
Right after SingNat, quite a few members took turns to get Covid-ed, and then realised that I have misinterpreted the guidelines and we needed to be ranked in the LRT tables to get the invites (and we ended up doing 3 LRTs in 8 days), and then some teams realised their skills robots not cutting it (after the 1st LRT) and started rebuilding, and then the video editor needed to go for his weighted assessments, etc.

in any case, we have decided to upload some of the videos 1st, while waiting for the reveal.

So hope all you of will enjoy these videos for the time being.

8059A - 391 points driver skills run

8059A - 327 points programming skills run

The recently ended LRT Final - 8059A v 8059B

For this final - 8059B was called out for suspicion of feeding the rings to the robot. But since it was not match affecting, they were issued a warning.

Do note that the scoring for LRT is different from the in-person scoring.
It is 1v1, and also the number of rings scored in branches are rounded DOWN to either 1 or 4.

And needless to say, we are rebuilding for worlds LRT now.


It’s nice to hear an update from one of the world’s best! My condolences for all of your team members that caught COVID, the whole experience is not very pleasant haha. Your skills runs are absolutely insane and I think we’re all very thankful for you sharing them. I wish I could have seen you at in person worlds but best of luck in LRT!

I’m excited for that worlds reveal!

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Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:
The builders and programmers helped to make driving easier for the drivers.
(This is with reference to a recent thread talking about how programmers see their teams’ builders)


I will immediately steal that awesome LRT route which is super efficient. See y’all at worlds! (hopefully more than 13 teams show up)


Do feel free to use it, coz i am sure my teams will be doing something diffferent for worlds :stuck_out_tongue:
In the same vein, that’s the reason we didnt want to share the entire livestream - not sure if other teams involved will be ok with showcasing their autonomous route, etc.

I certainly hope so!!
The MS teams will be playing up in LRT worlds. So let’s hope we will see a lot more sign up.
And there are really a lot of good LRT teams from China. Waiting for them to sign up as well.


Excuse me, I am a vexer in Singapore now, can I get your contact information? Thank you very much

Ermm… just DM me?

Welcome to the forum. And will be great if you can introduce yourself, eg. which team, school, etc? :slight_smile:

Edit: btw - we normally try not to revive old thread. Besides, I have recently created another thread for this season Singvex. So it will be more appropriate to make use of that thread instead.