All Black Vex Robot

spray painting is finished; recently finished putting it back together after a week of trying to remember how our robot was put together before we took it apart to paint it. annddd nooowww we just have to finish wiring it…still trying to make improvements here and there but its almost done and it should be up and running by the end of this week…i’ll try to put up a better quality picture and better view as soon as we finish everything…also caaant waaiiittt foorrr nationals:D
vex robot.jpg

That looks awesome!!!

well done! Did you tear the whole thing down and rebuild with painted parts?

Really nice. Congratulations!

yep. we took everything apart and sprayed each part individually with black epoxy enamel paint…then as soon as it was put back together we went with a paint brush and painted all the rods, screw heads and nuts, gold…we have a lot of time on our hands until the dallas competition so were doing whatever we can to make it look good and perform good.

nice lovin’ the gold

That’s awesome! Why didn’t you paint the sprokets?

Did you ever get that microcontroller working after Pan-Pacific? Good job on the paint job, now it looks as good as it functions :cool:.

idk. thats a good question…we painted our gears that lift the intake but we didn’t paint our gears that drive the robot because you can hardly see it… the sprockets idk…:o i think we forgot about it because we painted everything in one day and i guess we forgot to paint the sprockets:confused:

yeah we found out what the problem was. it was the battery plug on the microcontroller. the prongs were messed up so thats y the microcontroller kept on turning off. and since were going to nationals, were replacing everything; we put new motors new sensors and a new microcontroller. hopefully we wont have any problems. how about you guys??? i heard you guys rebuilt your robot or something???

How’s the paint holding up? Does it scratch off easy?

nope its all good. the only time it comes off is when we tighten screws on it. other than that its fine…but if it does, then we go over it with a sharpie and it looks like nothing happened. unless you look real good at it

Yes, we did (several times) - the one in Pan-Pacific got taken apart a few days after we got back.

what did you guys change???

Lovin’ the brass nuts

The whole thing, from the drive base to the intake. It’s no longer a two-stage, though I certainly wouldn’t call it “ordinary.”