All drive types?

I’m curious to know what all drive frames have been made either for fun or for the competitions.
And I want to see the creativity of the community for making future frames, practical or not.

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The basics ones are:
Standard tank
Tank treads
H drive
Mecanum drive
X drive

Some other uncommon or meme drives include:
Dragon drive (two 45 degree angles and 2 normal wheels)
Y drive or Kiwi drive (120 degree angles)
Bendy drive (distance between the wheels changes)
Swerve drive (wheel angle changes)
Differential Swerve (Variation of the Swerve where a differential powers the angler module and the wheel.)
Bungee drive (distance between wheels and the chassis changes)
L Drive (One half of an X-Drive)
Lynfield drive
Vex Round Up Drive

This should be a wiki if you want to add any more.


This topic may help… Swerve Drives, Omni Wheels, X Drives, and a plea to stop trolling


Also may want to include: Dragon Drive (half X with 45 mounted wheels, half tank), kiwi (although that may be what @9MotorGang means by Y drive), L/W drive ( talk to @Sylvie about that), self balancing, and quadrupedal.

Post is pretty long. Procede at your own risk.

Standard (tank): Has 4/6 wheels (2 or 3 on each side). Some teams add middle traction wheels to prevent their robot from being pushed from the side. You can use Omni wheels and/or traction wheels with this drivetrain. This is the most common type of drivetrain.

Mecanum: A type of holonomic drivetrain. Aptly named for the type of wheels utilized. The wheels used in this drivetrain allow the robot to strafe sideways and diagonally. Used a lot in FTC (not VRC becuz vex mecs are bad). Uses 4/8 motors.

X-drive: Urilizes wheels placed at 45° to strafe sideways and diagonally. Due to the wheel angles, this drivetrain has √2x the speed of a tank drivetrain and √2 less torque. Many teams use custom lexan gussets as the vex gussets don’t line the holes up 100%. See this article to learn the math behind this drivetrain’s speed. This drivetrain can only be built with Omni-wheels. Uses 4/8 motors.

H-drive: An all Omni tank with a center horizontal wheel that allows for strafing sideways. Takes up 1 extra motor, so it is not optimal for VRC, but is great for VEXIQ. In IQ, the center wheel is oftentimes tensioned downwards for better strafing.

Asterisk drivetrain: A X-drive that has been modified to be able to use 6 motors. See this.
Tank-tread drivetrain: Uses tank-treads to move. Has high traction, but is pretty weak. If one tread breaks (becomes “un-linked”), then your robot cannot move normally.

“Accordion” drive: A variant of the X-drive that connects the 2 sides with a linear expansion mechanism. Great for wallbots. See this and this.

Swerve drive: A type of holonomic drivetrain that allows the wheels to rotate while rotating (moving forwards/backwards). You an have all of the drivetrain pods linked together (they move together), or
you can have them linked separately (each pod can move separate of each other). This drivetrain uses a lot of motors, so it is not that popular in VRC (but is pretty popular in FRC).

“Dragon Drive”: A drivetrain that combines a tank drive with a X-drive. Team6430 used in in SS to align with the field corner to reliably hang. Theoretically Can strafe, but hasn’t been tested.

Kiwi drive: uses 3 wheels placed at angles to move. Not that popular due to the angle that the wheels need to be placed at. Team 7686B is using a variant of this (X-drive + h-drive) this season in order to have a SJTU1 style ball filter.

Plus drive: Uses wheels placed at the 4 sides of the drivetrain. Only has 2 motors’ worth of power when moving forwards/backwards and strafing sideways. Not used due to motor allocation.

Rocker-bogie: Uses wheels on 2-bars to move over rough terrain. Often used for real life rovers. Team PYRO used it on their 24” robot to directly center park in TP.


there’s good drive frames and bad drive frames, namely tank and non tank


I mean, the bendy drive frame was 'aight.

Ah yes my favorite drivetrain! a drone!


I built a motorcycle once. A unicycle drive is definitely possible.

Yes, it is even more possible than the vex round up drive.

I figured it’s worth mentioning that tank tread tank drives are pretty good for defense, since they have very high traction, but suffer from speed and turning issues. They can also break, rendering your drive useless, but that can be mitigated/fixed through sandwiching the tread with drive chain like in TT tray bot intakes.

each have their own special function

wait whats a round up drive?


Idk about unicycle, but two wheel has been done:


Im surprised and not surprised at the same time


I hate to be that guy, but you cant do that in normal vex. There is no way that clawbot is in dimensions.

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We also don’t have antigravity motors, either, so…

Don’t forget the hydrofoil drive base from last year’s secret invitational water game:
V5 Hydrofoil Bot