All forums other than the official Q&A should be replyable


Argue below.

No need to argue. Agreed.

I think more so than that, the “Official TECH Support” channel needs to go.


Why? Everything makes sense to me. If you want your question answered by a VEX / ROBOTC official, ask it in the appropriate channel. Otherwise, put it in the general “tech support” channel.

Jpearman is really the only person who answers official questions, but he also answers most unofficial questions, so there’s no reason to have 2 channels.

For the purpose of spamming the forum with new threads, I am almost inclined to say that at least original authors of Q&A Questions should be able to reply to their own threads in addition to your suggestion


I understand why only VEX admins (namely @Karthik and @DRow) are allowed to post; it could lead to absolute chaos when searching inside Q&As, but oftentimes whenever I get my answer, I have at least one follow-up question, and it would seem more contextual to allow those to live in the original post

That’s the way it was before the switch to esoTalk, iirc.

That’s correct. Unfortunately, when we made the switch to esoTalk, we lost the ability to allow only the Original Poster to respond to threads. As MayorMonty said, we were afraid of Answers in Q&A posts being buried if all users were allowed to post, so we made the decision to only allow admins to reply to those threads, and then just simply starting a new thread for any follow up questions.

Hopefully when we make the eventual move to Flarum, we will be able to streamline things a bit more.

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Speaking of, do we have a timeline for the transition?

They are transitioning when flarum is stable

Flarum is on beta 6 now or something like that and it doesn’t look like they are putting out a stable release date. I also don’t know how stable the current beta is, but it looks like there are still more features they want to add.

this should have been posted in a non replyable forum :wink:

This is why it’s not a good idea, sometimes the community tries to help but the information is incorrect.
(the link’s dead now, no point clicking it).

Or we just suck at helping people. *Sniff *

No, all input is appreciated, your suggestion was reasonable and appropriate for most discussions. It’s just that I think everyone assumes that answers in an “official” thread have the backing of IFI/Robomatter etc. and are accurate.


I think a big yellow warning should be displayed letting the user know that they are posting in a non-community replyable forum.