All my code is gone, does anyone know a good way to recover files?

windows recovery system didn’t work, and i really need this code, does anyone know any way to recover this code? i am running easeUS recovery software right now, but it only found 24 files (none of which are my code), and is still trying to find more, if you know any other way, PLEASE HELP!

To be honest next time try to keep all of your codes on google drive and your laptop so it won’t happen again


Github is also a great way to keep your code safe. It adds other features too, like version control.


Versioning has saved me so many times in my VRC (and not VRC) code when I’ve accidentally introduced a bug in the code


I am sorry this is happening - and many have already discussed strategies for backup/duplication/versioning in the future.

I would reach out to your schools IT group - these professionals have probably been burnt (as I have) by storage media failure. They can steer you to reputable means for file recovery, if it is possible.

Second action you can do right now is to recreate your work, document, and organize it better. I think the document now “what did you want your code to do?”, “what functions did you need to make each task possible?”… the why of doing this is your event judges will totally appreciate this and can lead to judged awards you might not have had prior to the storage failure.

Wishing for the best course of recovery for your team!


#1 reason why you should be using version control and making backups.


I do have backups, but i made the auton at a competition, so no cloud backups or physical backups were made, I do backups every couple of days

well then, you will need to re-implement the code.

Great to know you have a strong foundation to build from.

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Yeah, I did like 7 hours of programming and calibrated many numbers at the competition so I was wondering if there was a way to get it back because it worked almost 100% of the time, but I can just remake the code.

What they should do is allow you to download the code from the brain, that way you can get it back when you accidentally delete it (ahahahaha never done that before-) however, I think it’s already compiled when it’s sent over, but maybe they could jsut decompile it? I’m not the guy for this topic lol.


I used easeus recovery software and was able to recover it for free (I took about 12 hours to find the files, and I had to do it 4 times because my family are not the smartest people) but all files are back!