All vex change up reveals so far

Post all VEX Change Up Reveals Here


EDIT: Fine, have your topic, but if you really want to see change up reveals:


This is a better alternative.


I think it was also suggested to make another one for non ri24H.

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ok will do that


we don’t need another topic to post your reveal on. you’ve already made a new topic just for your reveal, posted it in a dead topic asking for ri24h reveals, and now you’ve made another topic. at this point it kind of feels like you’re just advertising your reveal. If you want to share it, just have the one topic about that reveal, no need to post it in multiple places tbh.


if people want to share their reveal, they can do so by making a topic. no need for a topic to repost them all.

why would it make me happy? I’m just trying to make clear some forum etiquette that you as a new user probably don’t know. and now you know that posting a reveal many times doesn’t really follow the etiquette.


Or if you don’t want to do this, get permission to make a new section in the “Wiki” topic to post them all.

Another place to find most change up reveals is the vex discord


i feel like this is the vexforum’s karma farming equivalent of reddit


I like the idea of this. Sometimes when I YouTube for reveals I get some wacky videos

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