Allen keys

I know that vex sells a bunch of Allen keys as a package, but are there any other places that sell Allen keys like the ones vex sells with the handle. I’ve checked robosource but was wondering if there are any other places. Thnks in advance.

We have many tools at robosource, but as we’re a reseller for Bondhus, Wiha, and Felo we can get pretty much any tools very inexpensively. If you let me know what else you’re looking for I’ll see if we can get it and maybe add it to the site as well.

5/64" Allan keys with he handle, the same one as the 3/32" ones. that would be nice, thank you

I’m sorry, but I’m not completely sure which type of keys you are referring to? You mentioned like the 3/32" ones, however the only thing we don’t have in 5/64" are these ones, all the others have a dropdown to select the size under the quantity box when you go into the product page.

If you mean something else, perhaps you could post a picture of what you’re looking for.

@Kevin Boenisch i didn’t see the drop downs, my mistake, thnks for letting me know.