Allen Wrenches

Which types of allen wrenches do teams find easiest to use with robots?

We like the old T-Handled ones that VEX sold. We have a set of smaller ones to get into the gaps to tighten motors and whatnot, but for actual assembly those are still out favorites. The ball-handled ones are nearly as good, though.

A good ball head 5-64 is amazing

I have both a t handle set and a regular set. both are great. I always get Bondhus brand because i have never stripped one of their tools.

I recommend these:

Amazon also has the single wrenches of this brand as well as packs of 50 and 100 if you have a large club.

So the performance tool kit is actually decent? Because the regular allen wrenches that come with the kits are absolute cr:mad:p. You don’t think it’s necessary to get a set from another company?

We have always stripped out the ones from the performance tool kit. But that is just us.

Well we keep stripping the regular ones and we don’t wanna spend $30 on a kit to just have them strip more. Has any one had very good luck with any 3rd party kits?

Are you talking about ball head ones? The non ball heads you can grind them down or even file them ( takes awhile) they end up shorter but are not stripped anymore.

or you get good hardened allen wrenches and not have to always be fixing them. The ball heads will stripp out more easily. I would get some that are ball headed on one end and regular on the other.

I love these wrenches:

Hudy allens are the best, but they cost a little more. Rd logics is also good. A good allen will never strip.

WIHA wrenches are well worth it.

we use the vex performance tool kit, and a set of silverline lifetime set, they come with lifetime guarantee, so if they wear down, simply send them back …

but any T-handle set :smiley:

I can attest that WIHA tools are great. The bondhus ones are good too. If they have a lifetime warranty why would you buy something more expensive. I have never stripped a WIHA or Bondhus tool and I use them all of the time.

We just recently bought a bunch from McMaster. So far they’ve lasted pretty well.

Oh I’m liking the looks of these. It’s nice that they let you buy just the sizes you need. Thanks for the link!

I definitely agree with others about Wiha tools. Their allen wrenches are superb and have a coating over it to prevent them from stripping. I’ve been using a set for 2 years now and still looks like new. It’s only $3 for a small and regular set, but the shipping is around $10 so buy them in bulk. You might even get some free gifts like a torx screw driver perfect for taking out stripped screws.

We get these ones:

Says $3.99 for shipping but thanks for the link to the specific ones you’re using! We’ll probably buy a bunch of those and then one or two of the T-Handles.

When our T-handles strip, we save money by filing them down a bit to part of the wrench that is not stripped. This is tedious and time-consuming, but good if someone is floating around without anything to do.

Yeah, this is a good plan. It does take a LONG while, but it totally worth it.

Lol oops, we bought them at the beginning of last year’s season. It’s even better that the shipping is much less. We are definitely going to order more for the new people in our club next year.