Alliance for Money?

Hi. I’m from a team in Oklahoma and I have some questions about alliances. I’ve seen higher tier teams getting these messages about getting money for joining an alliance, and other rewards. I was just curious about other teams that may not be as good, who need funding. Wouldn’t this be a better used program to help support struggling teams, rather than the best of the best who are already well funded?

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it’s pretty hard to tell what this message is proposing without additional context, but I just want to say be wary of teams offering money to other teams in this way, it could very well be genuine, but it could also have some malicious strings attached, such as “oh we’re giving you this money so you have to be part of an alliance with us” kind of thing.

More info would be nice before making any judgements, but I tend to agree with you that if a team is actually trying to help support other teams, it would be best to support the teams that are in need rather than the teams already succeeding.

usually sponsorships happen not by one team to another (I’ve never heard of this happening) but more like a company or separate organization will sponsor a team either out of pure generosity, or in return for some form of minor advertising (like a logo on the robot or a banner or something).


Not all of the “top teams” have insane funding lul.


:point_up_2: yep, basically that

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To add on to that, cash can only bring you so far. After a certain point, there just isn’t anything else that you could possibly need that would be better than cheaper methods.


sob… my club is not consider a top team… no one offer us money… lol…

but i agree with many of the replies here - yes, we do need certain amount of funding, but it is never a guarantee of success.

After all these years, my club is still surviving (and thriving) with 1 hacksaw to share among 9 teams. They were given money to get some new blades for the saw, so they are happy now :slight_smile:

PS… you will be surprised by the extent that some teams/clubs will go to, just to gain some competitive advantages.


of course not, many teams have done very well with minimal funding. But if sponsorships are given exclusively to top teams, many teams that aren’t so competitive but are still in need might have a harder time getting the funding they require.

Regardless, I have no idea what this particular message entails, so I’m not going to judge it. It could be that this team is looking to give funding to successful team that need funding to stay successful, I just don’t know. Giving money to whoever you want to is just fine.

What I think might be less ideal would be if this sponsorship deal comes with strings attached, like the op sort of suggests (again, much more context is needed to determine if this is the case, cannot judge at this moment)


Hi, I’m Eddy, I have a lot of hw tonight, but I’ll answer as many questions as I can.

also dont mind the wack username i think i made this account 4 years ago lol


I took the time to type out the link, and it lead me to here:


Hello eddy who’s username was made 4 years ago.

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ngl this seems like a ponzi scheme


about sponsoring good teams, its just like any other sponsorship. for example, red bull only sponsors the best of the field, because they get the most exposure. as a sponsor, i trust the best teams to perform the best. im grateful i have the opportunity to do this, and i think this is the best way i can spend my money. im sorry if you disagree but, too bad i guess :v. also, to add to my point, if you read the doc, which i will post below, it awards teams that win awards, matches, comps, etc. again only high level teams can really profit off of this. sorry if what i just wrote is an incoherent mess im in a pretty big time crunch lol

it is an advertisement opportunity for my team. i assure you it is not a ponzi scheme, as omega partner teams dont benefit by having more teams join.

so your motivation for giving good teams money is for exposure?
I mean props to you for giving other teams money, but I must say, there are certainly better ways to gain exposure than throwing money at good teams.

Besides, vex isn’t at all about advertising your own team. If you try hard and succeed, exposure will come as a side effect of your success, but I don’t think it should be pursued in this way. A business however, is about exposure. Which is why it’s typically businesses who sponsor teams, not other teams.


btw anyone is allowed to apply! i am selecting 10 teams, and currently there are still a few spots to spill :stuck_out_tongue: (blatant advertisement)

i agree. but, my team is different from most vex teams. its a for profit business, (OMEGA Robotics LLC, you can search it up). this isnt to gain clout from other vex teams, but for better advertisement for people interested in joining our team.

Yeah, the reason I posted a screenshot of what I had earlier was because that clause in the document seemed a little sketchy. In the sense that this team will now make you do this:

You will be considered a part of OMEGA Robotics along with being a part of your current organization

My concern is mostly in how this seems very much like a cheap grab at getting judged awards and gaining clout for the club, by creating an alliance of them + the top teams and effectively “bribing top teams” to be allies.

this isnt to gain clout from other vex teams, but for better advertisement for people interested in joining our team.

Isn’t this statement contradictory? You’re still attempting to gain clout for advertising and recruiting people instead of actually making your team one that someone would want to join by claiming credit on others’ accomplishments in awards.


I’m no economist, but I’m willing to bet that paying other teams as a way to gain exposure is far less cost effective than traditional advertisements would be. Alternatively, you could be spending this money on local outreach to middle schools in your region, growing your region’s program, which would indirectly benefit you. (and this is ignoring my opinion that vrc teams should never be a for-profit venture)

I really don’t want to be rude, but this seems to me like you’re trying to buy your way into the ranks of top teams, and in general I don’t get a good vibe from what you’re attempting to do here.


well currently alot of these teams that are joining this program are private teams that are run fully out of pocket, so technically it is helping the teams that don’t have great funding.

thanks for the suggestion but we’ve done all that. we’ve done community events, advertised in schools, posted signs all around town, did virtual events, almost anything you can think of. i dont want to go into the economics of our team in a public forum, but ■■■■ works. also i dont keep money from my team. me and my teammate who are the CEOs plan to reinvested 20k back into the team this year. im saying this because everything i do is purely for the good of the team. im saddened that people actually think this is some kind of scam, or scummy, as its a 2 party agreement and also has a complete legal contract that makes sure the teams dont get scammed. i guess its cuz no one has done it before but ye.