Alliance goal zone legality question

In a rules discussion and training for all of my teams, a question came up the we cannot find an answer to that is clear.
In the Alliance Goal (non protected - small one) we see the rules about touching it and cubes. But if a blue robot is stacking in that blue alliance goal zone and another robot bumps into the and the stack falls, what if any rules were violated? Intentional or not & it is not protected so what is the official ruling or rule that this involves? I just want them to be clear on this.

You mean a red robot bumps the blue robot that is scoring and causes the cubes to fall? It really depends on if the cubes are classed as scored or not at that exact moment since that is really what defines what action if any is taken.

Check this clarification for a bit more information:


kinda pertains to the topic but can lets say the red robots descore cubes from blues unprotected zone(small one)? or just towers (excluding alliance) can be descored by anybody?

You will get dqed if you descore from your opponents alliance tower or their goal zones, but the neutral towers are free real estate.

Question answered guys and gals. Thank you!
Indirectly in SG3 is the answer I did not consider.

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Any descoring of a cube 0r cubes from your opponent’s unprotected zone (on purpose or by accident) is a possible dq, if it is match affecting. Although, if you continue do do it after being warned, you could be dqed later even if it isn’t match affecting. Descoring your opponent’s Alliance Tower or the stacks in their protected zone is an automatic dq.

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