Alliance Selection: Java App

When asked what the most stressful and most influential moment in a robotics meet is, one of the first things that jumps to mind is the alliance selection.

I want to change that.

I would like to create a java app that can make the alliance selection process easier. Instead of creating notes and tables of data that are meaningless except to the person who wrote them it would create a list of teams (based on parameters the user sets) that ranks each team. I have several goals that include:

*] -Data entry for individual qualification matches (primary source of data).
*] -Score
*] -Autonomous score
*] -Whether or not both teams per alliance actually showed up
*] -Remove teams if, durring alliance selection, they have already been picked or have declined an offer
*] -Team data that can be entered and modified by the user
*] -User set ranking system that sets one robot element as a higher or lower ranked determining element.
*] -Reliability rankings
*] -Choosing whether team data from previous events should or should not included.
*] -Adaptability for future games
*] -Importable and Exportable data

Also a the ability to note the individual causes of failures in a match:

*] -Batteries
*] -VEXnet
*] -Code
*] -Human error

If you are interested in becoming part of this project please let me know. My team and I have very limited java skills but we are learning as fast as we can. If you have any suggestions also please let me know.

This project will be open source and hosted on GitHub.


Seems like a great idea! You should also include the ability to take pictures of the robots.

last year we made something like this on our website, but we aren’t doing that this year for whatever reason.

Well… The best thing would have been to edit the first post and have that be my “main” page this will have to do (stupid editing time limit)…

I would like to release the beginning source code for the Java App.
You can find it here:

I am still looking for someone who is Java savvy who can can give me some pointers.

Currently all the app can do is open and switch between windows. None of the algorithms have been written but that will come after the GUI.

We are hoping to have at least a working version out by Worlds.

I can try and help, I’m currently taking java so I’ll see what I can do

will this app be free if/when you do get it working

Yes I plan on having it be free (in fact, being open source it is already free if you downloaded and compiled it yourself)… However! There are a lot of hours going into this project (mostly mine) and I would appreciate a donation from teams that use it a lot. I will have a payPal donation button on the GitHub wiki page when it is finished.

I just need to continually lessen my expectations without loosing the core ideal of the project. I do plan on getting it done but not all of the features will be active when it is initially released.

Men_of_Steel: Create a GitHub account or send me your GitHub user name and I will add you to the project.