Alliance Selection

I am competing in a semi-annual local tournament this Saturday and recently I have been a bit confused about the alliance selection process. Is it possible for the number one seeded team to pick the number two seeded team to be part of their alliance? Our tournament has always prevented the top 50% of teams from forming teams with each other and I was wondering if this is the correct way to compete. If this is not the right way could someone please direct me to the rule stating this in the manual? I would like to have it as proof so I can convince the referees.

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If they do think they are right ask them to quote the manual. If they cannot do it they are wrong. Here is how it is supposed to go.

Alliance Selection - The process of choosing the permanent Alliances for the Elimination Matches. Alliance Selection proceeds as follows: 1. The highest ranked Team at the end of Qualification Matches becomes the first Alliance Captain 2. The Alliance Captain invites another Team to join their Alliance 3. The invited Team Representative either accepts or declines as outlined in 4. The next highest ranked Team at the end of Qualification Matches becomes the next Alliance
Captain. Alliance Captains continue to select their Alliances in this order until all Alliances are formed for the Elimination Matches


the number one seed can pick any seed. Any seed can pick any lower seed unless they have denied an earlier offer


#1 CAN PICK #2
but i dont understand the denial issue
waz up wit dat @mouseilluminati

Pretty much if a team denies another teams offer then the team that denies cannot be picked unless all remaining teams have denied as well.

denies one team and none can pick it??

They can still pick other teams though


ahh that makes sence
thx @enothecool

Preventing top 50% sounds like a great way to get stuck carrying clawbots. So definately have rulebook on your phone to quote from


doesn’t this system encourage throwing matches?


There is no “unless.” If every remaining team has denied an invitation, then the alliance in question and all lower-seeded alliances will consist of only one team each.

Realistically, though, the EP might want to entirely redo alliance selection if the situation becomes that dire.


yeah it does that is why i was so confused