Alliance talk time

Hello fellow VEX correspondents,

How much time do teams have to talk with their alliance about plans before the round?

Thank you.

I just ask them if they have an Auton and where would they like to start and also some strategies. Maybe like 5 minutes, 10 max.

Are you referring to qualification rounds or elimination rounds. In qualification rounds, not a lot of time (as Inventor Inventor above said), usually enough to decide what each others auton does and which side to place for the start and maybe a little strategy. In elimination rounds, the alliances spend a bit more time strategizing.

I usually scout before, using the match schedule the competitions give you and meet all of the teams I’m paired with and against and talk to them. I’m not the main driver, so I usually have time to go around. Also get to know your opponents because you can strategize to attack (not literally, but you get what I mean) their weaknesses or discover they are a really good team that you might want in your alliance during elimination rounds.

Before qualifying matches, I do refer to the match schedule to talk to alliances which usually consists of checking to make sure both robots are working and trying to help them. I give just a hint to strategy since everything could change on the field, where I productively communicate the most from all the stress and tension. But that’s just me.

Do you have auton? “No” How many cones can you stack in the match time? “3” Can you move mobile goals? “I don’t know”.

Pretty much how that goes every time

I always ask about the autonomous, and then possible strategies in the five minutes we have time for (depend on our match number)

i am on electriceagles team. That is what he does. In the first two competitions, we sent one team member to watch the matches and one to walk around and look at robots. Then we know which teams are good. It saves time during selections. We still ask if they have an autonomous and stuff like that just to be on the safe side

i also ask our allainces in the qualification matches about these questions

Usually talking in the queing line is plenty of time

Do you have auton? “What’s awtawn?” How many cones can you stack in the match time “theoretically 20, I’ve only gotten 2 before though” Can you move mobile goals? “I thought those were screwed into the ground?”

Why do you use tank treads? ** G R I P. ** Why do you use steel? ** S T R E N G T H. **

Why do you use hex nuts? ** A E S T H E T I C S **

honestly tho, april fool’s prank, replace all your teams screws with these

That would be quite the prank, replacing all of the screws with nuts.

You have a really interesting mobile goal mechanism. How quickly can it pick goals up? ** Actually, the gears are broken. Do you know how to fix them? **

True story:
Do you have an auton? * No *. Ok, can you put mobile goals in the 20 point zone? * Theoretically, yes, but we never have been able to. * Ok, well what are you good at? * We’re really good at stacking cones on the stationary goal. * Ok cool
Alliance partner proceeds to score one (1) cone on the stationary goal the entire match, and that’s all they score.

yeah dude, you know i call washers spacers, long shafts are long boyes, screw that is slightly shorter than the standard one r******* screws, high strength gears = thicc gears, allen keys = wrench, wrench = wrench, nuts = screws, and the really long screws = the long a** f****** screw

plus now they got keps, nylocks, and a buncha hexs but no screws for them. AND the robot falls apart which is a more legit excuse than “the battery wasn’t plugged in”

and that one cone ends up being from the autonomous that they actually did have but they don’t have driver control code and are potato the rest of the match

@AlvinKim It depends on the competition. Each team has 6 or 7 matches in the day, so the time between matches is the time you have to discuss. In big tournaments, I have “scouts” on my team introduce ourselves to the other team, tell them what our driving strengths are, and state what our autonomous is. We then get their input on their tactics and autonomous and adjust our robot accordingly…

In smaller tournaments, I will turn to my partner on the field and just say something like “I need to take the right side of the field at pre-load. We cool?”. If they need it instead, we just quickly work it out or stall for time until we are ready.